Soy, Clothing and other stuff… Entrepreneur

Carlos, the administrator of the school in Alotenango, is an entrepreneur.

He desperately wants to keep the school going and has all kinds of ideas to help the

families and the school raise funds.

This is the soy milk and flour project that they are involved in.

They are one of four soy enterprises in Guatemala.

Soy beans…..

Soy milk, anyone????

A lady from Quebec donated 7 Sergers and this gal teaches the

mothers of the students how to sew….

Sewing projects that are for sale….

Carlos buys large boxes of clothing, shoes, etc, etc, at the dock…never sure what is in them….

In this case it was too many XL and XXL shirts…..good for three Guatemalans to wear at once!

This gal saw us sorting clothes and went home to show us her new dress for

Mother’s Day…

Time to go home…one of the teachers…yes, there was another teacher

who sat behind this little guy….


~ by LUVSENT on May 7, 2010.

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