Where’s Eduardo????

Time to bring home the firewood….

127 curves in 1 hour of driving…..on an extremely rocky road….

Oh, yeah, it is very foggy on a road wide enough for one vehicle, with

a drop of 200 feet on the side…..

Laundry day….

I am going home, my back is killing me….maybe I can lie down and put my hoofs up!

Let’s follow them, they don’t look lost!

We are getting close….

There it is…the home of Eduardo, Gregory and Mariela…..

Eduardo, just finishing the dishes….

Gregory and her mom…..

Mariela….a very cute 6 year old

Clay explaining how to use the Gleaners soup….

They took us to the baker next door….the smell of fresh baking was inviting…

Philip wants to get the oven ready for the pans of dough…

Checking out their land….

Marciano, Philip and Eduardo and of course, Mariela…

Visiting their church…..

Please let me preach!!

We met the pastor’s wife who was weaving.  It takes her 2 months to make

one top and then she sells it for $90.00US.

Then it as back to the house for soup, chicken and vegetables and of course…..

…freshly made tortillas!

and soda…Guatemalans love their soda!

Time to head back…..

We had a great discussion about what is needed in their community…

a library for the 310 students at the school, medical and dental teams,

some manufacturing to stay in the village so that the people can survive.

This family needs a new house to keep out the rain and the wind…

Who needs GPS…..just follow the rocks….

What happened to the highway???

There it is, the Pan American Highway…..should be finished sooner or later…..


~ by LUVSENT on May 22, 2010.

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