In February, 2010, Love Guatemala micro financed a piece of land for

Rigiberto Canu and his family….we visited them to see how the crop

was doing and how the family was surviving….

Peas, please……

Francisco came to welcome us…..

Checking out the tomatoes…..

Rigiberto’s home….

This little guy is 15 days old……

The Canu family….

Will you play with me???

Clay helping Miguel with his homework……

Miguel is in grade 7 and has a 93% average!!!!

Down the trail to the land…..

The land….beside the totally green crop,

the land above is also for rent……

Checking out the bean crop…..

The well…

Some of the neighbors….

This young man, his mother and grandmother carried this wood for several kms.

He was so excited when I gave him a little wooden car, his grandmother also asked for one….

This young boy is working in the field because his father died 2 years ago

and they cannot afford to send him to school.  He also loved his car.

One of the very poor families in the village….she was so grateful for the

Gleaners soup….

Riggi and his family……and Clay…..having fun…..

Please don’t forget us!!


~ by LUVSENT on May 27, 2010.

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