Herman, is doing a 2 week assignment in Bolivia, working with a youth program.

Their first night they had 175 Old Colony youth attend.

He says….I got to drive here….. If one comes from a different country and thinks one can drive here, think again. There isn’t even any road rage here. Because everyone drives equally aggressive.

I got to see the radio station. Two words: very nice. Ho and I got to meet to whole Toews family! (I am working with David Toews) The kids are awesome! I’m going to have lots of fun with them yet.

Day two:

Hmmm how can I say this… We set up a whole huge tent in one day! The apostle Paul would be very proud. And the rest of the group showed up for supper. They all made me feel small not young, but small. God had accomplished so much through them. The questions I have for them are piling up already.

Day three:

Today is Sunday, so we got to go to a a really nice small church near the radio station. The people where very welcoming. The worship was very refreshing, David was playing the guitar. It was in low German, so everyone was singing along, unlike the high German services that I’m used to. In the evening we had the very famous and one of my favorite traditions called faspa at the radio station. And the neat thing about it was that old colony people came to join us.


~ by LUVSENT on June 1, 2010.

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