We want you to picture what it would be like in community if

a disaster struck….earthquake, flooding, collapsed buildings,

you are running franticly trying to find your loved ones….

That is what has happened in Guatemala….74,000 displaced people, people who had nothing

and now have less, if that is possible….100’s are dead, crops are gone, bridges are washed away,

mud slides are everything, some villages have no outside access.

The following pictures show a village in the Tec Pan area…..a family from Casa

Angelina spent the weekend there with their extended family….they lost a relative who was pregnant and

her five children but managed to rescue two of her sons….our son in law brought in food

with three others from the orphanage….

we pray that these pictures will stir your heart to be thankful for what you have….

we will be taking an emergency team in July….donations can be made to

Mexican Missionary Foundation

c/o #21 – 32777 Chilcotin Dr., Abbotsford, BC  V2T5W4

This is the house where the family perished.

You can see the hand prints on the outside where people were trying to

clear the mud so that they could rescue them…



~ by LUVSENT on June 2, 2010.

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