Serving those in need……

While we traveled to Chimixiya, we would hand out wooden cars to the

kids on the road or at intersections…..

All Aboard!

It rained on the weekend…..

Making Gleaners soup……

Too many cooks spoil the soup….so Philip told all the “white people”

to leave the room and he stayed……

Jacob explained to the families the value of the soup, what was in the soup,

and how to cook the soup….

Where is my soup????

Let’s play a game while we wait…..

Did someone say five more minutes????

Soup’s on…..

The team served the families……

Each of the team packed up a parcel of clothing for a particular family…..

Doing the dishes in the pila….

This is the sister in law and the mother of the young mom who

lost her life in the mud slide…..

Their backyard is covered in mud and their kitchen was destroyed…..

We hope to rebuild the back yard….

This soccer field retaining wall saved their house…..

Her son’s house next door was not so fortunate….

Look….I got a new jacket and hat from Canada…..

Leaving the village…..

Yes, there are three gals on this scooter…..


~ by LUVSENT on July 12, 2010.

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