What makes kids and adults HAPPY????

Friday, July 16th we returned to Chimixiya.

We worked in the school,  116 children and staff  who have lost two classmates and are traumatized

by Hurricane Agatha.  We brought them beach balls, skipping ropes, bubbles

and read them a story of how much Jesus loves them.

We were all teary eyed as we watched the staff, from the director to the teachers, playing with

bubbles, almost it seemed that they were realizing their fears and anxiety into the wind.

We also gave the school some food pacs to distribute to needy families….

these boys packed a 40lb bag on their shoulder and walked briskly into the school…..

Much to the amazement of the guys on our team!

The kids loved the balloons, but instead of blowing them full of air, they would

blow and then slower let the air out….it sounded like we were at the FIFA!

Debbie got the royal tour of the school from this group of divas…..

The teachers were excited to receive a case of Gleaners soup mix and apple pieces.

They try to provide a meal a day for the children.

Aaron wanted to join one of the classes…the kids loved the idea.

The snack of the day…..a boiled egg, a tortilla and tomato sauce…

Each of the team also received the snack.

The staff……

You have in your hands the power to influence and mould a student’s mind.

You have within you the capacity to instill in the child a love for learning,

to keep an open mind and to keep questioning.

You have the ability to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken dreams…


~ by LUVSENT on July 17, 2010.

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