Mexico….a Place of Freedom

Since August, 2009, Love Guatemala has been working with people

in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, looking at land that would be

suitable to build a Medical Clinic for Women and Children.

In January, 2010, Philip and Helmut Wiens met with the

director of MCC in Cuauhtemoc, who informed them that

they had been given  7 acres of land.  The decision was made that

is where the clinic would be built.  The rest seems like history

as we plan, sending blueprints, change blueprints, back and forth

from Red Deer to Abbotsford to Cuauhtemoc.

July 27th, 2010 Philip met with the Board of Directors of the

Friedensplatz (The place of Freedom) to finalize the plans.

This is the story in pictures…..

On the road to the property…. it is also rainy season….

This is the vicinity that the medical clinic will be built.

It will have access for the people living in the Friedensplatz as well as

those coming from the various villages and mountains…..

This building is being converted into a residence for children whose

parents are in rehab or who have been orphaned….

Dining room….


This is a day center for mentally and physically challenged adults and youth.

The administrators are Isaac and Maria Bergen.

Apple Orchards…

A family of 16 live in this house….

A Hardware Store…..

Time to fly back to Vancouver….

“Thy mercy, Oh Lord, is in the heavens;

And thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.”


~ by LUVSENT on July 31, 2010.

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