Friday, we invited the students and staff to the hotel to

have a great time with a teacher’s seminar and Bible lessons

for the students…..they were not disappointed.  God gave us

sunshine and 23 children who were hunger for food and love.

A Great Breakfast…..


This little guy’s mom passed away 6 days ago…..

Lorraine and some of her new buddies….

John and Bera telling the story of the feeding

of the 5000 …..

Listening to the story……

Gleaners soup for lunch……with rice and tortillas

Sometimes we need to help a friend……

Ruth and Jacob and the staff from United Hearts school….

the teacher’s sat under Ruth’s teaching of the course


Could it be Mrs. Wishy-Washy???

Oh, no….Mrs. Wishy-Washy needs to scrub the “pig”….

You really need to read this story to find out what is going on…

Jacob and Carlos, the director of the school…..

The children had their picture taken and then got to decorate

the frames for the story “the lost lamb”…we are or all have been

lost sheep but we have a Good Shepherd who loves us…

this little guy could hardly tear himself away from his

picture….he would play and then run back to look at the picture….

Each of the children received a Bible……



Jesus, loves me, this I know

for the Bible tells me so…..




~ by LUVSENT on November 5, 2010.

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