Here and There Around Guatemala…..


Don’t drive here at night….there is a 20 foot drop off

They usually put a tree branch, or rock when this happens…

Maybe they just want to see what will happen!

We did not see the Fuego Volanco for four days and then it appeared out of

the clouds in it’s majesty….

This is a very cool library….it stays in Antigua for 10 days

There are people on the bus who will read to the children if they

cannot read…there are also colouring books, puzzles, etc

for the children to play with who are not into books.



Do you need a ride home with your groceries?????

Which house would you like to live in?

Cornstalk or tin??

Just waiting for traffic to move….

It’s a party…..

Now that looks like a fun ride…..

We took time to tour the town of San Miguel Duenas and found

acres of Pascua green houses……



Yes, he did manage to make the corner, it took a little while, but he did it…..

The owners of the horses parked them and then went in for a drink…..

New friends….


Taking flowers to the church…

Ok, I had my coffee, met my friends at El Mastil….now what should I do????

El Mastil…..the Home Depot of Antigua…..

Mom, wait for the cars then we can cross the street…..

Which beans do we buy for dinner?????

2 onions, 1 garlic, and 4 tomatoes…..good to go

…and for dessert….cotton candy!



~ by LUVSENT on November 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Here and There Around Guatemala…..”

  1. What a wonderful compilation of everyday life. That bus looks like some of my park jobs :))

  2. great pictures!

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