We arrived at Rosa’s orphanage just in time for a snack…

the kids were having rice milk….

Rosa has 26 children….at one time 50, but the Humanidad Assoc said she

did not have a big enough facility for that many kids.  The police bring her

kids off the street because they know that she is a good Mama. 

….could it be laundry day?????

Scott and Philip are admiring the new playground equipment….

…who are these people on my playgroung?????

We weren’t sure where this little guy was looking when he was talking to you…

he is so cross eyed….he had glasses, more than once but they were always

getting broken….he loved the hula hoop!

Skipping is always fun….

This little gal has a 12 year old mom…..children raising children….

…this little guy’s mom is 14….

These two sweeties were making grass soup……yummy

This is the property that Rosa would like to purchase…it is next to the property

that she is on now….a lawyer owns that property and even though

Rosa has paid him the hydro money which he used elsewhere he

now owes hydro $10,000.00….Rosa believes in prayer and

would like to have her own orphanage……

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread”

Mother Teresa




~ by LUVSENT on November 26, 2010.

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