Ever Wonder???


….where the sesame seeds come from that are on a McDonalds hamburger bun?

Well, this is the sesame seed plant drying in the hot sun of the Pacific coast of

Guatemala….they grow in pods…..go figure!

…or how loofah grows…you know the loofah that you use in your shower…..

…drying in the hot sun….

…and then taken to market to be cut, and made into a pretty package

…or why God made black sand?  did He run out of white sand???

…or why are shrimp grown in a shrimp farm but there is no dirt?


…when did Hawaii move to Guatemala????

…what these two cuties thinking…one has a brochure about Guatemala……


…is this a Christmas tree gone wrong?????

..what is behind door #2…

…did Goldilocks leave her chair behind?????

…why do missionary pictures end with a sunset?????



~ by LUVSENT on November 30, 2010.

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