Christmas in Guatemala……

This is Diablo…..on December 7th Diablo is set ablaze….

that way Satan is gone and Christmas celebrations can begin….

People will burn garbage in the street or pinatas of Diablo in

front of their home…..

The beginning of December the community choir of Antigua performs

Handels Messiah in Casa Santa Domingo amphi-theatre.

Central Park becomes a wonderland of lights….

Weddings are very popular in December…..

For $55.00US you can have an hour ride in this carriage.

We found it interesting that the evangelical churches in Antigua

do not celebrate Christmas.  They say that the Catholics do enough

of that so they don’t want to associate with them, that Christ’s birthday

was not December 25th, that as Evangelicals we should be so comsumed

with what the “world” does.  So they do nothing…..we miss the

carols, the advent and the nativity.


sometimes you just need a local farm to bring it all back into perspective….

and the angel of the Lord said “do not be afraid”

…and the shepherds ran to the manager to see the Christ Child…

…and others came to worship…..

…Kings from afar came to worship the Babe…..

“and He shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the

Everlasting Father, the Price of Peace…”

Sometimes you can find a real tree as these three were trying to encourage

people to busy, only $80.00US

Don’t forget that Guatemala loves their fireworks…..anytime, anywhere!

Don’t forget the ribbon!


~ by LUVSENT on December 11, 2010.

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