Surprise….it is Christmas!

Packing bags of beans, rice, oil, sugar and corn…..

…now it is time to make some “secret Santa” deliveries!

..our first home had a real homemade tree…..branches from a cedar

put into drilled holes in a tree branch….

…notice the decorations…..truly Canadian!

… for Christmas

Guatemalans love their pop…..Coke or Pepsi

You will see little children with pop in their bottles…

A 3.3 litre is 14Q’s=$1.75 …cheaper than milk!

Christmas in Viejo TecPan…

We stopped at Jose’s(migrant worker in Abby)….

Only his son (Selvin) and daughter (Ruth Naomi) were home…

they were happy to see us…

Jose has built a lovely home for his family since working in Canada…

…some of the kids that will benefit from the food

There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving.
Henry Drummond


~ by LUVSENT on December 26, 2010.

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