Serving is so much FUN!

Sunday afternoon we served Gleaners soup with rice and tortillas

to the vendors at a market near our church.  Many of them were surprised

that it was free and that we were serving them.  Each cup of soup

was given with a “Cristo te ama”…..

…the gardener where we live was also selling some stuff and

asked if he could help Philip serve soup…..

…what kind of a story is behind these sad eyes????

“yes, please I will have some soup…”

..our pastor and his family came to help serve…..

…then it was off to where the homeless people live……

…this place looked deserted but when we called out

“Buenas Tardes”…..this grandma opened her door and

was very excited to receive some soup…..

..this gal has twin boys of a year…..

When we were done serving everyone we still had some soup left in the pot….

we asked if they had any pots that we could give them more soup….

It was great….big and small pots, not so clean pots, jugs, etc etc…

they all got filled as God multiplied the soup……and so much gratitude.

“One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.”

Mother Teresa 




~ by LUVSENT on January 23, 2011.

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