Behold a Market!

…Miguel told us about this market in Guatemala City, Cenma….

We could not believe the size of the place…

Onions, carrots, potatoes all have their own large are….

then you have fruit and more fruit……

…do you love onions????


…let’s make lemonade….

….not sure what size of cheese you would need for this…

…anyone for scrambled eggs?????


What is it???  It smells like brown sugar….

It is the spice that you use for pumpkin pie…..there are 6 blocks in one package

Here they break some off, soak it in water and then put in stale bread,

you then fry it….a little like french toast!


…fruit salad…..

“Mrs. Guacamole”

…there has to be a monkey around here somewhere?????…

What is it????

If you are the first to guess, we will take you out for dessert

here(if you live here or are visiting us)  or in Abby….




~ by LUVSENT on January 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Behold a Market!”

  1. Some type of cactus fruit???

  2. Simply amazing!! That place is HUGE. So many fruits and vegetables. Almost looks like a clearing house for shipping out to other areas or countries. Great find! 🙂

    • The sad part is that it all leaves the country….
      In Tululche’, near the orphanage, all the fields are privately owned…
      If a worker takes home even one beet without permission he/she can lose their job…
      So sad….
      when you see all the fruit and veggies you wonder how can this country be starving….

  3. Yes, we saw a chicken bus once loaded top to bottom and on top of the bus with vegetables. It is very sad indeed that they can’t benefit from their hard work. All the produce grown, there should be no reason for anyone to go hungry.

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