…time to pack up some food…..

We will be distributing the food in the Chimixiya area..

…Miguel and Philip  filling 12 bags of beans, rice, sugar and corn…

…people ask if I just take pictures or do I also work….

…I do take all the pictures but I also work, so Philip wanted to prove it in this blog….

..teaching Miguel how to tie the bags tight…

…stop for gas….

…along the way to Chimixiya, we saw a boy crushing rocks…

this is his job and then hopefully he can sell it to someone,

we drove past and then wanted to ask him some questions (was he in school?,

what did he get paid?, etc) turned around and

headed back to where he was working…he bolted, He was so scared…

as he ran he was shouting to somone on the road…

not sure why…an experience with a white person, or a vehicle????

so we left a bag of food and when we came back several hours later

he and the food were gone……


..this was so cute….we came around a curve and there was grandma

and her pigs in the middle of the road, she apologized and hurried

them off to the side….

..Meet Melanie…she was the greeter at Juan’s house..

..discussing chicks…

…Juan’s wife was sorting beans….


…let’s do this together….we visited and had fun….

…meet the Master of the chicken coops….

..we told her that we would get her to teach our new chicken coop owners

how to raise the chicks…..

…the house where the mom and her children were killed by the mudslide

is being rebuilt…also a new retaining wall

..the neighbor was busy weaving…



…who is Dona Rosa???

…we saw many new houses being built and when we asked

we found out that husbands or young men that are in the US

illegally own the houses….

Guatemala has a 747 that arrives daily with illegals from the US

they are being deported….even those that have been born there and are over 18.

..then we saw this…the government is building homes for 48 families

…we saw the homes and none of them were finished…

..this was recent…attached to a house among other new houses…

..need to enquire more about this….

“A house is made of brick and mortar,
but home is made by the people who live there.”
M. K. Soni


~ by LUVSENT on February 1, 2011.

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