Breakfast Teaching…..

We knew that 40% of the children in the village of Tululche’ were

malnourished and that 11 out of 100 women knew how to write and

read  Spanish… we called a meeting.

People through Love Guatemala had donated money for a breakfast

program….why not talk to the teachers and the parents and get their opinion….

Miguel is sharing family values with the group,

the men to Miguel’s right are the Mayor and his council….…did someone say breakfast…..that would be so great!….

…could this be a breakfast dance????…

..what is breakfast, I usually have cookies, or chips, pop

or nothing….




..we found out that these three little ones got coffee and a tortilla for breakfast…

Why??? some of it is ignorance on the parents part and some is

they actually have no money for food…

…after the meeting we then gave food to each family…. is 6:30AM on a Monday morning….

We were up at 4:45Am so that we could leav by 5:30AM to travel

to Tululche’.  The ladies met us at the school gate so that we could have

breakfast ready by 7AM….

Today’s menu…..mush (porridge) and Incaparina

 (a low-cost protein food made of cottonseed, corn, and sorghum flours,

 yeast, etc. and used, esp. in Latin America, in preventing protein deficiency disease)
…the ladies built a fire so that we could keep warm…
7200 feet above sea level and 6 degrees……
..let’s get this breakfast cooking!…
…Tomasa pouring milk into the mush…..
..the older brother came back for seconds….the younger brother was
not so impressed….but he did finish….
…it is so good….seconds, please…
..the mayor and Elsa are helping fill the barrels with water…
one of the dads is giving us water from his well…..
…the Tululche’ divas enjoying a hot breakfast…
…the children brought wood for the fire…..
..our three volunteer moms for the next two weeks….
Adalia, Tomasa and Elsa…..
We fed over 100 children……our next breakfast will be Wednesday and Friday.
Thank you to the donors for your generosity in helping stamp out malnutrition
one child at a time……
“For I was hungry and you gave Me food;
I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;” Matthew 25:35a



~ by LUVSENT on February 8, 2011.

One Response to “Breakfast Teaching…..”

  1. I love seeing all the work you are doing. You are God’s hands. Blessings to grandpa and grandma Gurgen 😉

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