Fun in Antigua…..

Have you ever taken someone to a place they have never been and then

stood back and watched their faces?  We did….we took 6 women and their

children to Antigua….they all live 45 minutes away….and yet have never

been here.  The plan was to show them various markets to see what

they would be interested in making to start a co-op to help support

their families.  It was fun to see their eyes open wide, their expressions

and just the sheer joy of being in a different and exciting place.

..hey, mom, look at this….

…Brianna explaining many of the craft items…


..Mom said look, don’t touch….

..Our calender poster boy!…

The kids were so good, taking in all the sights from one shop to the next

that we decided to treat them to MCDONALDS!

The look on the kids faces was awesome!

..even the big boys were having fun!….

..this mom was very apprehensive of her son playing, until she

saw how much fun he was having!….

..did someone say “food”????…

..they were not sure who this guy was, but he seemed harmless enough… of the vendors had her 4 month old son sleeping in a hammock at her store….


“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. “
Katharine Hepburn



~ by LUVSENT on March 1, 2011.

One Response to “Fun in Antigua…..”

  1. That picture of the little guy in the hat would make a great picture on a calendar! You got some wheels turning with that one!

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