Beam Me Up….Max

We have met some wonderful migrant workers in the Fraser Valley and Max is no exception.

He is a hard worker, loves his family and the Lord.  He is back home, looking for work as he

feels that his four children need a dad that is always there for him.  Max took us to see some land

and then…..well you will see what else we saw….. Max…notice the coffee mug…

…his wife, Carmella…

..two of his four children….Lidvina and Amarillas

Lidvina is the diva of the two….she loved to hold our hands,

posed for pictures and just reminded us of her daddy!

..when you don’t have grass to play on the next best thing is a bucket

of corn and some trucks!…

..Max and Cristina are trying to get Philip to see the land they are

pointing at…..

…Max should be a pastor…he uses his hands when he talks…

…Beam me up!…

Welcome to Earthship….a school near Max’s house made out of trash and tires…

7,000lbs of pop bottles and chip bags……



…pop  bottles used as pot lights in the ceiling….

..a rather unique pillar….made with tires….

…this is the back of the washrooms…these will be covered with

adobe mud…

..there will be a concrete toilet seat put on top of this….

…Lidvina and her new friends….

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


~ by LUVSENT on March 15, 2011.

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