Welcome……Up, Up, Up….but Not Away!

…these two little sweethearts came to visit Philip…..

they wanted to know his name, what he was doing there and could

he gave them a drink of water…..

…getting ready for the Open House…

Jake Dyck, Henrich Heinrichs, Johan Loewen

…there will be standing room only…..

…Isaac Bergen welcoming people and talking about the Friedensplatz and clinic….

…..let’s sing!….


…three of the Board of Directors….

…the directors and their wives…

…the feeding center that the Bergen’s operate….

They had made some Gleaners soup and everyone said it was very good!

In the beginning of the school year they had each child measured for

 height, weight, their arms were measured and a blood test….

They found that 35% of the children were underweight.

Now the same tests were done and they have greatly improved.

  There is a nutritionist who sets up the menus, this is part of her practicum. 

The Bergen’s work with volunteers who work with the

children for 4 hours every afternoon, teaching them about the Bible,

 health care, how to stay away from gangs, drugs and alcohol.

….the trusses are going up on the medical clinic…..




                                                                   “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress. 

                                                                                    Working together is success” – Henry Ford



~ by LUVSENT on May 26, 2011.

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