People and Places….part 1

..we have been told that in the city the Tarahumara women get

dropped off, by whom, no one seems to know….if they have

children with them, they may be “rented” kids because

you get more money if you beg with children….

…my dear, where is your mommy?????

…a workshop for handicapped adults….

….future plans for a physio therapy center….

…these guys are making sticks for the apple orchards,

they had sold 35,000 today….


….meet Naomi….a single mom of three, a problem with her hips

and lives with her blind mother….she was busy cutting wood

into lengths for wishing wells….

…physio room…

…the two Bergens, Isaac on the right is the director

of this project..

notice the sign on the door  frame…..

“occupational therapy….these two could spend hours laughing! of many Jakes (left)…..he is a member of the board…

…across the street is a project in the church to feed kids

….400 of them…

..waiting for lunch…

…having fun!….

“Whatever our career may be,

true leadership means to receive power from God

 and to use it under Gods rule to serve people in Gods way.”

~ Leighton Ford



~ by LUVSENT on June 24, 2011.

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