Tarahumara….God’s Kids

…most of the kids slept on the ground, on rocks or some in the church.

They had walked 5-7 hours to get to the church and then stayed the

entire week. 

These little ones slept in our “kitchen” area on the ground….we gave them jackets

as the nights were cold….one of the gals gave them pillows…they turned them around

looked at them and then tried to get comfortable with them….in the end they just put them

along the side of their bodies!  But…in the morning they all combed their hair to be

cuter then what they already were!

…twin girls…

….everyone fell in love with this little….

All we knew was that she had walked 7 hours with family…we think…

One night we found her sound alseep against the inside church door.

After the service one of the guys picked her up and put her in a more secure place.

The next night she was sound sleep on the concrete floor in the church, no blanket….

we covered her with a wool sweater….

She seemed to be a loner….but by the end of the week she had “adopted” her

VBS teachers as her friends….

  “Every child born into the world is a new thought of God,

an ever fresh and radiant possibility”

Kate Douglas Wiggins



~ by LUVSENT on August 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tarahumara….God’s Kids”

  1. Wow! That tugs at the heartstrings!

    • Thanks Marni, for making comments…so appreciated.
      Yes…you often wonder what happens when we leave…we have learned to pray alot for protection for the kids….
      there is so much potential there…Tarahumaras are a very humble and quiet, shy people…they have been chased up into the mountains by the Mexicans…
      the younger generation seem to be more determined to mix. Bless you!
      Hey, tell your son to check out the hunanchi …sandals…that they wear. Philip bought a pair for himself and our son…he said they are very comfortable.
      Made from old tires and have a leather insole….I think I might try them. He may also be interested in their running history. People from all over the world come there
      to learn how to be better marathon runners….
      Have a great week….Judy

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