Students….Excited for a New Adventure

We needed to stop in Satan to visit Marta Lidia to see if her daughter

was planning to continue her education…when we got there we noticed the stick

in the ground and her wall had been moved way up to the house….

She then told us that the dept. of highways was going to put the curve in the new

highway where the stick was!!!!  OK…18 inches from her front door!

Two years ago we had built her a new house…no mention of a 4 lane highway….

They did give her a new house…smaller but now we need a team to help us

renovate the building next door so that her children have a place to sleep.

Are you interested in coming on a Guatemalan adventure????

…the new house and the old building that needs a reno….

If you come and help you may even get some ham or bacon?????

 …a bit of a major reno…

…inspite of all the difficulties Marta Lidia has had she is always smiling!….

…..the moms and daughters are very good friends…

The daughters will be attending the same school.

Off to Quaicquix….

Santo and her daughter not only got a house but God blessed

her daughter with a school sponsor…

…Magdelena was also blessed with a new house and her daughter with a sponsor….

…this little gal was abandoned by her mom and her aunt has taken her in…

This aunt has such a love for her and others in the community….

“To know and love and follow this Jesus is to own the treasure

 of ultimate and eternal happiness. Therefore, the command,

 “Get wisdom” means first and foremost “Come to Jesus! Come to Jesus!”

 in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom.”  John Piper


~ by LUVSENT on January 13, 2012.

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