Lent…..It is the act of beginning our spiritual life all over again refreshed and reoriented.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) has a whole different meaning in Guatemala.

Living in the most Catholic area of all of Guatemala we observe what takes place….

Starting the first Sunday of Lent processions happen throughout the country.

The route in Jocotenango starts at the Catholic church with 80 men carrying an Anda (a 40 foot)

solid wood structure that has numerous figures, including Christ, on it…

this is carried for a long block and then the men have other men take their place….

Today, and every day during Lent the colour is purple….

We asked why purple???  Royality.  Whey different hats?  No one knows…

Why can only the men carry Christ??? no one knows….

How much does it cost?  Depends on the area, between 40-100Q’s ($5-12)

Welcome to the Processional….

…this is an alfombra (carpet) made from coloured sawdust,

they can be made with fruit, vegetables, flowers or just coloured sawdust….

 …the artist at work….

…rose petals…

…helping dad….

..Yes, He is!….

…families decorate their entrances….

…window sills…



~ by LUVSENT on March 11, 2012.

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