The Container…fill it up!

…there it is…the container we will be loading

to be shipped to Guatemala….

…and he knows how to back it in….

please will the rain stop????

…some of our goodies to pack…

…thanks John, for sweeping up the leaves…

….it is empty….

…and there comes Philip with the first of many loads…

…John, Jack, Albert and George  starting to stack the soup…

….Rene is trying to fill all the corners…

…somehow we need to get George out of there….

…just a little more…

…and the seal goes on…

…and there it goes….with prayer…..

1.3 million servings of Gleaners soup, 100’s of blankets, 500 wooden cars, tools,

3000 lbs of rice, dried pears and apples, 150+ hoodies/jackets, 100+ toques,

school supplies, craft picture frames, craft paint, 500 VBS crosses, 200 back packs,

etc, etc….

Lord, we pray a blessing on the container…

That it will arrive safely, that your guardian angels will travel before,

around and with this container, that there would be no problems at the port

 in Vancouver and the Port of Quetzal, that the people who receive

what is in the container would know that this is from You.

Bless every hand that receives what is

in the container….we give you the glory and honor.  Amen.


~ by LUVSENT on October 30, 2012.

One Response to “The Container…fill it up!”

  1. Amen! What a journey it will be!

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