This is the Way to Guatemala…

Leaving Abbotsford at 5am,  November 7th, travelling to Vancouver,

waiting for 2 hours and then boarding a plane to Dallas,

Then Dallas to Guatemala City… 

The construction team set to work building forms for the

concrete floors that were going into the houses. 

One of the houses needed to be cleared of all the “junk”

that was on the ground.  One of the team members thought

he had discovered “Hoarding Guatemala Style”!

The gals worked at sorting out the bags of clothes, teacher’s supplies,

toys, etc that we had brought with us…

…two good things…

…oh, and one more good thing….

…seriously, Brad, are you going to eat all of that????…

…waiting to board the vans for the hotel….

…the first day, going to the bank and then being targeted by the vendors….

Who came home with the most purchases that they actually could use???

…a trip to the museum….

…Kristen, our Guatemalan gal….

…Larissa’s new doctor look…

…Kimi, Peter talking to Edwin about the mural


…the reason they are raising their hands is to get them all to stop talking

so that announcements can be made….

…Ruth, Cornelia and Fredene, enjoying the warm day…

…checking out the land…

(there seems to be a “beam me up Jaydon” going on)

….this has been a tiring day for Maid Marion”

“God’s definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. 

He measures our lives by how we love.” 
Francis Chan, Crazy Love


~ by LUVSENT on November 18, 2012.

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