Guess Who is Coming for Breakfast????

Love Guatemala gave our police force a pancake breakfast….

They always all come and enjoy 2-9 pancakes….

Yes, one of the young guys had 9!

We told them that we pray for them and their families…..

They were so grateful!


…making the pancakes, baking the ham and getting the strawberries and coffee ready

IMG_1534 IMG_1535

IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1542

…the Federal police…


…these 4 young men from the army travel with the federal police..

they have very large guns on their laps!


…tell me about your family???


…Judy feels well protected!




…May God go with you….be safe

“The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”
– Robert Peel




~ by LUVSENT on January 12, 2015.

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