Alberta meets Guatemala..

19 compassionate for Christ people descended upon Guatemala

from Alberta, Canada the middle of April.  They not only hugged and loved a lot of people

but they also visited several places Love Guatemala works.  LG did get them to do some

physical labor….lots of sunshine =lots of burnt skin…but they left knowing that God had

changed their lives by “seeking those who are lost”….

19729_806190189457424_5902590255544603427_n 10409217_637474273052856_2077195487279789375_n 10419006_1076072499074825_2599215444518711955_n 10423657_808611759215267_5236902966736053253_n 10439393_637474509719499_3514106584721988268_n 10632829_1076072435741498_1945273097708879776_n 10897954_1078019262213482_4577141586103678281_n 10949719_637473853052898_5782675570270354521_n 10966518_10152932866899833_513313471_n 11008079_808611532548623_7641974860146249024_n 11047877_1076073889074686_7401716542094811429_n 11063894_637473693052914_1580472511407325584_n 11118560_10152932867099833_1129340940_n 11141176_637475136386103_732202874411864454_n 11146227_1076072592408149_8899693020659422610_n 11158084_10152930867244833_1405463444_n 11159531_637473586386258_1722289469226896550_n 11169787_1076072372408171_4527252750336579132_n 11169933_637474336386183_1085457283726005635_n 11182054_808611562548620_3939138546755233707_n IMG_2413 IMG_2414 IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548 IMG_2549 IMG_2550 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2558 IMG_2560 IMG_2561 IMG_2562 IMG_2563

IMG_0754 IMG_0753 IMG_0752 IMG_0751 IMG_0750 IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0747 11182253_1000586759966605_8883617237714545335_n 11182253_1000586533299961_1567985531271482905_n 11182032_637475556386061_4527548054098748887_n 11175041_1000586329966648_5338547130793654762_n 11174983_1000586466633301_4503552154643739081_n 11168016_1000590086632939_5721174565364757711_n 11100773_808611695881940_6021135093162015492_n 10985224_637475759719374_2662907123679011459_n 10245592_637475846386032_7731194276853358281_n 21749_637475693052714_2316309915216702761_n


Thank you for coming and working under unknown circumstances…Your attitude and

work ethics were awesome….you touched the hearts of many.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie


~ by LUVSENT on April 28, 2015.

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