In Memory…..

April 13th, 2015 will always be etched in our minds as a very sad day….

That day God called Philip home to heaven….

We, as a family, have tried to move from the why question to the what question.

What good can come out of this?  Knowing that many people have accepted

the Lord through his death is our consolation for a life well lived.

Philip’s heart was that of a servant. He was genuinely curious about the people he met, and would sit and talk with everyone until he knew who they were and why their lives had them to the place he met them. He was generous with his time, offering to help in whatever way he could, whether it was renovating a house, building a deck, or offering a patient and listening ear. Philip’s love for the forgotten and ignored was evident when he spoke with people on the street, with bus drivers, with police, with alcoholics and anyone with whom he came in contact. This love that Philip exhibited came from his strong conviction that Jesus came to save the lost and he and  Judy lived this conviction every day in their ministry in Guatemala.




“We have the privilege of serving Jesus himself every time we feed a hungry belly,each moment we give dignity to someone who has none left, when we acknowledge the value of a convict because he is a human being, when we share our extreme excess with those who have nothing, when we love the forsaken and remember the forgotten. Jesus is there.” (Hatmaker)


~ by LUVSENT on May 16, 2015.

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