When the container arrived and we got to start emptying the boxes

we had fun delivering the 80+ blankets that had been made by

loving hands at the Yarrow MB church ladies group…

We delivered them to the students in Chimixiya…

Many of the children said that “I will be warm tonight”.

Even the director needed to be warm at night…

We then gave out food to the parents of the students that are sponsored…

This little gal is 85 years old, lives a lone and was very happy

when we stopped by and give her some food….we visit her every other month


IMG_2834 IMG_2843 IMG_2841 IMG_2839 IMG_2838

IMG_2849 IMG_2844 IMG_2850 IMG_2852

Philippians 4:19


~ by LUVSENT on June 22, 2015.

One Response to “I WILL BE WARM TONIGHT….”

  1. Thank You Judy for sending all those details of what is happening. So great to hear., that’s how I would like to be, and that is to share Jesus where ever I go. Today I was working at our church. There happened to be some workers there working on the water system. I spoke to a Romanian guy, his name was Nicholie probably spelt wrong. But he was real interested in coming to our church. I gave him some literature on our church, and invited him to come on Sunday. So we will see. There are many chances each day that we get. Take care, Verna

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