Pancakes for our Police Officers….

We want to show appreciation to our police force so we give

them pancake breakfasts…in June we fed 30 police officers.

They came, they hugged, they cried, they shared….

Many of them did not want to leave as they talked about what Philip

had meant to them….so I (Judy) told them that I would still pray for

them and their families.  But I knew that the greatest thing that could happen

in their lives was to give their heart to Jesus Christ….

The Police Chief, Josen, then told me how much they had appreciated

Philip and that is why they had carried his casket and been a part of the

procession to the cemetery.  He said that when Philip spoke about

the Lord Jesus Christ that they all knew that he also lived what he believed.

We hugged and they needed to get back to work….

IMG_2879 IMG_2880






IMG_2909 IMG_2908 IMG_2905 IMG_2897


Almighty God we pray to you
In heaven up above
Watch over our dear police officers
And protect them with your love. Please guide them as they keep us
safe both day and night
And hold them firmly in your care
should danger come their way.

Give them true strength and courage
As they serve til duty’s end
And one more thing to ask dear Lord
Protect their family and their friends.


~ by LUVSENT on June 22, 2015.

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