Containers…large, roomy and available

When Love Guatemala purchased a lot and had the containers

delivered, we did not know how convenient this would be.

One of the containers holds the soup and other community

supplies.  The second container holds all of our construction


11692969_959372704101638_162830725_n 11719920_959695284069380_1287320553_n 11719968_959695037402738_857750809_n 11720014_959695114069397_1353282564_n 11720723_959695147402727_522238133_n 11741936_959372634101645_1682008022_n 11748838_959695024069406_651804784_n 11749504_959694917402750_1001108305_n 11801989_968742503164658_1327347212_n

Poverty in Guatemala is one of the leading causes of chronic malnutrition. While over half of the country lives in poverty, the rates are even more dramatic for the indigenous population and children. Approximately 75 per cent of indigenous people are considered poor, compared to 36 per cent of non-indigenous people. Among children, 59.2 per cent of those under age 18 live in poverty and 19 per cent live in extreme poverty. Chronic malnutrition is a serious ongoing concern for children in Guatemala. It affects 49 per cent of the population under age 5.4 The gaps between urban and rural areas are considerable; while in rural areas the chronic malnutrition level is 52 per cent, in urban areas it is 29 per cent. Only 50 per cent of children 0–5 months old are exclusively breastfed.5 Chronic malnutrition is aggravated in times of floods, drought and other natural disasters, as crops are lost and family income decreases. Access to basic social services such as health, safe water and sanitation is disrupted and school attendance is limited in emergencies. Not surprisingly, Guatemala continues to be one of the countries in the region with the highest mortality rate during the drought season.   UNICEF


~ by LUVSENT on November 15, 2015.

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