Medical Team….ER ABROAD


A team of doctors and nurses visit Guatemala in February and October.

They are from Illinois….this October they visited Escuintla

garbage dump school, CIEN PAIN school in Jocotenango

and Chimixiya.  The people were so grateful for the medical advice,

meds and concern that they showed…

IMG_3496 IMG_3497 IMG_3511 IMG_3520 IMG_3522 IMG_3523 IMG_3525 IMG_3526 IMG_3528 IMG_3532 IMG_3533 IMG_3548 IMG_3554 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3561 IMG_3562 IMG_0652 IMG_3585 IMG_3593 IMG_3597 IMG_3602 IMG_3612 IMG_3622 IMG_3631 IMG_3634 (2) IMG_3637 IMG_3639 IMG_3650 (2) IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3687

IMG_3616 (2)

Thank you to Yolanda, John, Mona, Christina, Billie, Kane

Dennis, Erin, Amanda, Cynthia, Kate,

Jessica and Sue Ellen….

Our translators….Arnoldo, Cristina, Ezra, Diego, Marleni

Our van drivers….Manuel

Our Junior Love Guatemala….Pedro, Carolina and Beverly

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens

of another”  Charles Dickens


~ by LUVSENT on November 15, 2015.

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