The House that Love Built….

We had met Lucrecia and her family several years ago.

They are a family of 11 living in a metal shack with dirt floors.

The women all make tortillas and try to sell them.

Some days are good others, not so good for sales.

There were 6 people sleeping in one bedroom.  A widow and her daughter (11),

her son (17) and two brothers (38 and 39) and grandma Lucrecia.

The other room had a son and his wife and their 3 boys.

We called the children together and said “who owns the land?”

Lucrecia does….that was a very good start.  Love Guatemala would like to build you a house.  With you helping as much as you can, we can do this….lots of tears.

So….in the Beginning…..

THANK YOU to the three dudes in the last picture.  They worked

long days in the heat, they worked hard and the end result was

a home built with love.

THANK YOU  to those of you who financially supported this project.

Bless you…..if you were here you would be hugged by the entire family.

When we gave them the keys, we prayed a prayer of blessing

on the family and upon the house.



~ by LUVSENT on May 20, 2016.

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