Packed and Ready to Move Out…

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If you email them, they will come….

And they did, thank you to the “Supermen” that

came to help load the container in record time.

It is now off to Guatemala…..

Thank you to all of you that donated to the expense of the

container…1.7 million servings of soup, blankets, etc.



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One of the projects for 2017 is the building of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and providing a stove and water filter for a family in Pastores.

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Project Genesis…we are still working on the school.

In May, 2017 a team from Canada will come

and help us with the second floor.

img_3569 img_3570 img_3571 img_3572 img_3573 img_3574 img_3575 img_3576

These wonderful ladies from the Yarrow MB church make

blankets so that we can load them in the container

leaving for the Port of Vancouver in February.

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Packing the soup mix for the Guatemala container….

How blessed we are to have so many helping hands and servant hearts

Do you know that nothing you do in this life

will never matter, unless it is about loving God and loving

the people He has made.  Francis Chan

Ezekiel “I Am Not Worthy”

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We had travelled to Chimixiya to interview parents and students for

sponsorship.  Ezekiel had walked 3 kms to come and ask if it would be

possible to sponsor his son Marvin.  We took him home and were amazed

at the conditions that their house was in.  He had sacrificed food for his family

because he wanted Marvin to go to school and there had been some added

expenses.  When we entered the yard we noticed that the house had no coverings

on the windows, the roof needed a lot of repairs and they had a dirt floor.

When we did not notice any beds, Ezekiel said “yes, we sleep on the pieces of wood”

but we could not see any blankets, or pillows or sheets.  “oh, we have a sheet for

3 people”… there were 2 sheets for the 6 of them.

We drove back home in silence.  When I got home I sent out a mass email

asking for help.  Within the day I had a family wanting to sponsor this family

with beds and bedding.  We have enough money to also get shutters for the

windows and repair the roof and put in a concrete floor.  When we arrived

the following week with the beds and bedding, all Ezekiel could do was

weep and say “I am so unworthy, so unworthy”.  We explained to him

that he was not unworthy, that God loved him very much and this was

a gift that God had provided through people in Canada for him and his family.

What are you sleeping on tonight??

Thank you to David and Janice, our pastor couple from CTEN for

making this journey with us.

No matter what you’re currently going through, God, and God alone, is working on your behalf. In fact, as God told Jeremiah, “Before you were even born, I knew you.” Is that incredible or what?  Charles Swindoll

“I DID IT”…Graduation 2016

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Love Guatemala Canada was excited that we had 7 grads this year.

One graduated from grade 9, and 6 received their diplomas.

Guatemala Education system requires that in Grade 9 you choose

your career and then in grades 10, 11, and 12 your pursue that



Edwin….grade 9….entering Collegio in Tourism and Hospitality

Sara…Diploma in Accounting

Carlos…Diploma in Business Admin (graduated with Honours/medal)

Daniel….Diploma in Accounting (graduated with Honours)

Dora…Diploma in Bilingual Secretary

Edwin….Diploma in Teaching

Henry…Diploma in Teaching


School Construction: Genesis Project

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It takes a little longer here to receive a title for property.  In January, 2016,

the property to build the Genesis school was paid and in October, 2016 the

title was given.  Just a week before the Canadian team arrived to start

the project.  We are still in need of $8000.00 to finish but it is

started and we pray that those who come by will open their wallets to

further the education of these children.

The Love Guatemala Junior Leaders took the kids from the school

on a journey through Old Testament heroes.  LGC is so proud of

these young leaders who have a strong faith in Jesus…they taught

on average 87 children per day.

Kimi, Peter, Jason and Carlos were busy painting a typical mural

on the soup kitchen.  People would stop by to talk and admire

their work.  Looking great! Diana, got to encourage and teach

teachers from Jocotenango.



Thank you for your servant hearts….

Jason, Fredene, Pat, Kathi, Gary, Ashley,Peter, Kimi, Melanie

Wayne, Diana, Barb and Monty

(Thank you to Willingdon Church Women’s Group for the school supplies,

To Jason for all the bright coloured t-shirts, to the sports company for

all the soccer shirts, to Mission Northview church for all the runners).

“It’s not enough to have lived.
We should be determined to live for something.
May I suggest that it be creating joy for others,
sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind,
bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.”
Leo Buscaglia

Meds, Blood Tests,Scabies….

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The ER Abroad team from Illinois, USA, spent 5 days

working in various locations in Guatemala.

Breathing difficulties were on the priority list as volcano

Fuego has been spewing an ash that is almost invisible and

breathing it in is very hard on your lungs.

Thank you to ER Abroad for making life a little better

for those that you talked to, hugged and loved for the

time you were here.


Billie and Brian, Dennis and Jessica, Blake, Debora, David, John(medical staff)

Oscar, Bill and Kaye, Luis, Annie (BuildinGuate)

Teresa and Arnoldo, Diego, Ezra, Miguel and Diego (Translators)

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
John Bunyan

Alberta bound….

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The day after Philip passed away a team from Alberta arrived.  These 19 people had such compassion and team work.  Two organizations here in Guatemala took them to their projects and then they worked a few days for Love Guatemala.  This September I visited the team and their families and friends.  It was great to hear their salvation stories, why they came to Guatemala and what impressions they had of the work they did there.  I also got to watch a slow pitch game and speak in the Rheinland church and the EMMC church.  These teams organized a fund raiser for a school that they worked with in Guatemala.  They raised enough money to buy a lot and we are hoping to start the school in November.