Meds, Blood Tests,Scabies….

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The ER Abroad team from Illinois, USA, spent 5 days

working in various locations in Guatemala.

Breathing difficulties were on the priority list as volcano

Fuego has been spewing an ash that is almost invisible and

breathing it in is very hard on your lungs.

Thank you to ER Abroad for making life a little better

for those that you talked to, hugged and loved for the

time you were here.


Billie and Brian, Dennis and Jessica, Blake, Debora, David, John(medical staff)

Oscar, Bill and Kaye, Luis, Annie (BuildinGuate)

Teresa and Arnoldo, Diego, Ezra, Miguel and Diego (Translators)

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
John Bunyan

Alberta bound….

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The day after Philip passed away a team from Alberta arrived.  These 19 people had such compassion and team work.  Two organizations here in Guatemala took them to their projects and then they worked a few days for Love Guatemala.  This September I visited the team and their families and friends.  It was great to hear their salvation stories, why they came to Guatemala and what impressions they had of the work they did there.  I also got to watch a slow pitch game and speak in the Rheinland church and the EMMC church.  These teams organized a fund raiser for a school that they worked with in Guatemala.  They raised enough money to buy a lot and we are hoping to start the school in November.


The LGC team

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The November Love Guatemala Canada team will be leaving on November 2 to help build a school or a house, work with 100 kids in Vacation Bible School, enjoy a 15th birthday celebration, a graduation party and give out lots of hugs.

They worked at the Gleaners for a morning to see how the soup is made.


Thank you for your servant hearts…

Kim and Peter, Monti and Barb, Wayne and Diana, Ashley, Fredene, Kathy, Jason, (missing from the picture are Garry, Patricia, and Melanie)

The House Above….

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Philip and my dream was to build a house on top of the two containers that sit on a lot in El Recuerdo Jocotenango.  The one container has Gleaners soup and the other one is construction materials and community aid.

The construction team started building in July….a new adventure for them as the house if made of wood not concrete blocks.  It will be a ministry house, not only a home for Judy, but other missionaries who need a place to stay or just hang out for a while.

We are praying that it will be finished by October 15th.













Kid’s Fiesta

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“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!”
  — Dwight L. Moody, evangelist


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The Bomberos (Firemen) in Antigua did not have any blankets, sheets or pillows

so Love Guatemala outfitted 14 beds…..they were so grateful….

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need;

the remainder is needed by others. ~Saint Augustine

Time to Feed the Hungry….

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We love to feed the bus drivers…..and they love to be fed….

200+ pancakes, ham and coffee…..perfect to start their run for the day…


It is always exciting to visit our friends in Chimixiya,

These women have become very precious to us and it has taken years before they have trusted us enough to ask for prayer…..