The Farmer in the Dell…..or in Tululche’

Our first delivery of coops and chicks….

Helmut is asking John if it is safe to ride in the back

considering who is driving…..could it be Philip???

Josh is carrying the chicken feed up a steep path….


Now the carrying begins….

It is awkward and weighs 150lbs!

If the chicks only knew where they were…..

Our first family……


The grade and uneven stairs were so bad that Philip is holding

Josh up so that he will not slide with the coop…

Through the laundry and bending low (this was not a place for 6 ft

Canadians)……the chicken coop found a new home

Listening to  the final instructions…….

When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed.
~Mother Teresa


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