April Showers of Blessings

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A month of blessing 206 families with food hampers.

72 cases of FV Gleaners soup went to various villages in the North.

We are finishing Jacobo’s renovation in two weeks.

The container that we sent March 6th to Guatemala should arrive on May 16th. It is doing the scenic route from Vancouver to Panama to Mexico and then back to Guatemala.

Easter Sunday a very dear friend who had such a servant heart for God spent his first day in heaven. Sergio and his family had a feeding program of 600 children. He was so excited when he came to pick up soup to tell us what was happening in the villages that he was ministering too. He also had asked for Bibles for a church in the northern region and we gifted him with 50 Spanish Bibles. His wife and daughter in law presented the Bibles to the church after his death.

Abundant Blessings

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In February and March we gave out more than 400 food hampers. The gratefulness was so obvious on their faces even through the masks.

Grandpa Hank from Burnaby makes little wooden cars with wheels that move. We have given out more than 3000 of these cars in the last few years. From little people to grandmas in their 80’s they love them.

The container of hospital equipment, which arrived in December, has been well used as 6 surgeries have been performed including a C-section which delivered a baby boy on Valentines Day.

We are now raising funds for an ultrasound and a portable x-ray machine.

We finished a house for a family of 7 and are presently working on a renovation. This is a third floor which will house 2 bedrooms.

English classes are going on 6 half days a week. We have over 125 students who want to learn English so that they can obtain better jobs and make a living.

A 40 foot container of FV Gleaners soup (960 cases) and 16 boxes of donations left for Guatemala on March 6th from the port of Vancouver.

Feeding, School Supplies, Home, Soup/January 2022

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January was a month to finish a home for Marta and Manuel and their family.

They were living in a house with 15 people. Now their family of 7 can be more comfortable.

They will have two bathrooms, a kitchen and four bedrooms. Some of them had been sleeping on wood planks with a sheet, no pillow and a sheet to cover them.

73 cases of FV GLEANERS Soup Mix was picked up and will be distributed to various villages and schools.

100 packages of crayons, pencil crayons and markers were given out to two schools as school started January 15th, 2022.


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It was a fun time of giving gifts and food hampers.

We started with the children of our police officers in Jocotenango. 37 children came to the church to enjoy crafts, the Christmas story and receive a gift. They were given a goodie bag which had a bag of homemade cookies, a candy cane and a book about the life of Jesus.

Our second party was for the children whose dads/moms work for Transciones. This is a wheelchair factory in San Felipe. Almost all of the dads are in wheelchairs. Not sure who was more excited to do the crafts, the kids or their dads. After making the crafts the children each got a gift.

This is probably the only gift many of these children will get a Christmas.

The Police children…..




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240 cases(284,400 servings) of FV Gleaners soup left the property to bless those in various villages.

In September we blessed 240 families with food hampers(7200lbs) and 240 cases(284,400 servings) of FV Gleaners soup left the property to bless those in various villages.

We are pleased that the city council of Paramos has agreed to have a soup kitchen in their community centre on the property.

We already have English classes happening twice a week in the same location.

We finished Cornelio and Maria’s house. They now have a dry house, with concrete floors, beds to sleep on, a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen that has the chimney vented outside. That is spelled GRATEFUL as you can see on their faces.


The Sun is Shining in July

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It was a month of Food Hampers (275) that travelled to Huehuetanango and Jocotenango, and Guatemala City.

Feeding people at 11,500 feet was a challenge as they are the poor of the poor (Mayan people).

The government does not want to recognize their needs and so they are left to look after themselves.

Then we fed our local people who are always in need as well. 25 cases of FV Gleaners soup was also handed out.

In the April container we had sent 100 Spanish and English books that could finally be handed out to the kids who are

in the One Way Community Tutor program.

The country is in dire need of oxygen and vaccines. They are averaging 4000 cases a day. Please pray that this will

end as the medical staff are exhausted and there are no meds to help the patients.

To those of you who support us in prayer and financially we are very grateful. Bless you.


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We were told of an area north of Jocotenango that was the “forgotten” people of Guatemala government. The elevation is 111,500 feet. These are Mayan people who try to live off the mountainous countryside. 150 families.

We provided 600 lbs of beans and rice to be taken up to the village. With this delivery others had sent blankets and clothing.

We also gave out 60 food hampers and 23 cases of FV Gleaners soup.

It was brought to our attention that there were 60 people with COVID living in two houses. We brought them food hampers as well. Many of these people are too scared to go to the hospital because that is the place you go to die, not get better. There are no more vaccines in Guate at this time and only 1.6% of the population of 18 million have been given the first vaccine.

Our Kids Fiesta were taught how brave Daniel was when he was thrown into the lions den. God is always with us.

MAY….Lots of Blessings

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What a blessing it is for us to bless 242 families with food. 134 cases of soup went out. Two of the organizations picking up the soup are new and are already asking for more.

We have over 100 students in our English program. Classes are held in small groups in a very large room.

Heroes Clothing and baby clothes and blankets, that came in the container in April, were also given out.

We could not do all the work we do without your help. THANK YOU for the donations.


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April started with Easter break for the staff. This gave a much needed break to the construction guys.

The container of FV Gleaners soup and donations arrived at 3am on a Saturday morning. Not the time we wanted but we were very grateful that everything was there.

Donations of clothing, from a donor in Canada were handed out, library books, wooden toy cars, baby clothing and baby blankets were given out. Food Hampers were given out to needy families.

Kids will be Kids

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No matter where we work we meet kids that love to learn, play, laugh and smile.

Our Kids Fiesta has had fun learning about the love of Jesus.