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We were told of an area north of Jocotenango that was the “forgotten” people of Guatemala government. The elevation is 111,500 feet. These are Mayan people who try to live off the mountainous countryside. 150 families.

We provided 600 lbs of beans and rice to be taken up to the village. With this delivery others had sent blankets and clothing.

We also gave out 60 food hampers and 23 cases of FV Gleaners soup.

It was brought to our attention that there were 60 people with COVID living in two houses. We brought them food hampers as well. Many of these people are too scared to go to the hospital because that is the place you go to die, not get better. There are no more vaccines in Guate at this time and only 1.6% of the population of 18 million have been given the first vaccine.

Our Kids Fiesta were taught how brave Daniel was when he was thrown into the lions den. God is always with us.

MAY….Lots of Blessings

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What a blessing it is for us to bless 242 families with food. 134 cases of soup went out. Two of the organizations picking up the soup are new and are already asking for more.

We have over 100 students in our English program. Classes are held in small groups in a very large room.

Heroes Clothing and baby clothes and blankets, that came in the container in April, were also given out.

We could not do all the work we do without your help. THANK YOU for the donations.


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April started with Easter break for the staff. This gave a much needed break to the construction guys.

The container of FV Gleaners soup and donations arrived at 3am on a Saturday morning. Not the time we wanted but we were very grateful that everything was there.

Donations of clothing, from a donor in Canada were handed out, library books, wooden toy cars, baby clothing and baby blankets were given out. Food Hampers were given out to needy families.

Kids will be Kids

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No matter where we work we meet kids that love to learn, play, laugh and smile.

Our Kids Fiesta has had fun learning about the love of Jesus.

HUNGER? We can Help You!

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There are still many communities that have not received any aid from the government and Covid and 3 Hurricanes.

Why? Because of extortion and the government seems to help their own families, friends and turns a blind eye to those who really need it.

Again we have been handing out 30lb bags of food to families. We also give 100 lb sacks of food to the Golden Agers Club.

60 families have been blessed in February.


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In Guatemala, school starts usually January 15th. This year it started a week later. With no actually classes, the sponsored students are again doing their lessons on line. We were blessed with enough donations to buy most of the students Tablets, printers and/or computers. 30 students received Tablets.

They were so encouraged to be able to take classes without having to use their phone.

And That’s a Wrap….2020

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In December we were “working” in the department of Nebaj. It is an Indigenous area and the government has not helped them with food. Because of the Hurricanes the roads and bridges were washed out, it was too far to walk in so Jacobo found a helicopter operator that would donate his plane and the cost of fuel to take in soup cases, beans, rice and corn. Hygiene kits were also sent to Nebaj.

We had several cases of soup go out to various villages. We have 45 cases left and are praying that we can receive another container of Gleaners soup early in March.

We had Kid’s Fiesta with Bible stories, songs, crafts and then a Christmas party the week of Christmas. These children had never gotten a Christmas gift or celebrated Christmas.

We also provided Beans and Rice to Anos Dorados, a day center for seniors. The Covid staff at the Chimaltenango was also given soup, bread and tamales as a gift from LGC and a church in San Miguel Marazon.

In Canada we helped fill 10 Christmas stockings for youth at a local Middle school. We also, with help from some friends, make 60 Christmas bags for the staff at the Covid ward in Menno hospital in Abbotsford.

Please Will You Help Me??

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With November came 3 Hurricanes, and a ton of earthquake tremors. Mudslides buried villages and more than 100 people have died. Food is at an extreme shortage. The government is not helping.

We handed out 213 food hampers and gave out 600lbs of beans and rice to Vista Heramosa “food bank”. This area has been totally missed by the government.

Out Gleaners soup has been “running” out of the container. More than 200 cases left in November.

We finished Sebastian and Helena’s house. It was so much fun to see the excitement on their faces as the bedrooms and kitchen were completed.

Kids Fiesta was fun as we told the stories of The Good Samaritan and The Good Shepherd. These children had never heard these stories or that there is a God who love them very much.

Having 4 of our sponsored students graduate from middle and Highschool was a highlight. They will all continue on in January 2021.

THANK YOU to each one of you that provided financial help for each of our projects. We are overwhelmed and very grateful.

Feeding the “5000”.

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There are no loaves and fishes involved but a whole lot of rice and beans.

We have found a great company in a town 1 hour from where I live that is giving us a great price on 100/lb sacks of beans. Then the local grocery store starting selling their rice cheaper and we are enjoying both of these little “miracles”.

September we were busy with a medical clinic made up of local nurses and blessed 120 people. With the cooler temps and this village is around 6500 feet, many of them suffered from colds. The local gals brought us a delicious lunch.

We also went to Panajachel to give out food hampers to the local tourist bus drivers. They have not received anything from the government since March 16th. To see grown men cry because they were given the gift of food…wow. They were so very grateful.

We also gave out food to a few local villages. The people are so very grateful. They smile with their eyes.

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We have brought food to 40 families who are displaced because they work on coffee farms. They travel from department to department and after March 16th, they had no work and no home to go back to. We were asked by the person who is renting them little rooms if we would consider having a Bible study group with the kids. We have called it again our Kid’s Fiesta.

We have met twice with the kids and they are eager to learn and the older boys have some very thought provoking questions.

We also did another Appreciation for the medical staff at the Antigua Hospital in San Felipe. It is always fun to have the staff come outside and laugh, giggle and wonder what is in their gift bags. Every bag has a note that tells them that we are praying for them and are very grateful for what they are doing. These doctors and nurses work 24 hour shifts!

September we gave out 251 bags of food or 7530 lbs of food.

We are not only blessing the lives of others but they are also blessing us. Some of them will grab our arm and just keep saying “gracias”, some will have tears in their eyes, many will have a smile that radiates through their eyes.

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Our second container of FV Gleaners soup in 2020. It arrived four days early. I got a call and was told that it would arrive in an hour! I have
all the people and trucks lined up for the following
Tuesday, this is Thursday! Phoning, messaging,
texting and I had 27 wonderful people and 8 trucks
come and work for 1 hour and 40 minutes and had
the container of 900+ cases unloaded and loaded
in the container on my yard! So many servant
hearts. I asked them if they had any idea how
many people they were going to bless. I prayed
for the soup and the volunteers. It was great. And
then they devoured huge burritos! Thank you for
all the prayers. Over 200 cases have already left
the container and are blessing others.

As soon as the soup arrived, it was leaving. Several organizations
came and picked up soup by the 26, 32 and 50 cases at a time. They
all have soup kitchens somewhere close to where I live or 2.5 hours
away. It was great to see how excited they were to load their trucks.

In August we handed out food hampers to 369 families. Which equals 11,070 lbs of food.

We were blessed to work with a medical team from San Lucas for two days in San Luis Nueva. The town has a few interesting superstitions…The US has brought the Covid19 to Guatemala, this church only invited its attendees to come to the clinic, I cannot go to that church it is not my church. We did not see as many as we thought we would but those that did come were blessed. The children received handmade wooden cars from Grandpa Hank in Vancouver and we also handed out 18 hand knitted sweaters from a gal in the Willingdon church in Vancouver.

You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. — Ralph Waldo Emerson